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My stuff. Their stuff. And nostalgic stuff. This is the blog of Erin Hanson -- Recovering Lazyholic.

Finding My Footing

I have a few hoarding weaknesses. Despite existing inventory, space, or need -- show me a chair, a glass, a purse -- there is a strong gravitational pull to buy. I try to exercise a lot of restraint and have gotten better as I've gotten older. Shiny though...

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Hoppy Weekend

Underlook is a project by photographer Andrius Burba. He ingeniously captures images of various animals from, well, underneath, with sometimes adorable, sometimes comedic, sometimes abstract results. Seeing as this weekend will involve some egg laying bunnies for many of you I thought it appropriate to feature his rabbit series; however you should check out the rest of his work -- cats, dogs, HORSES. This feature on the latter is also worth a read for behind the scenes details.

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