Photography & Stuff by Erin Hanson



The foundation for any Lazyholic in Recovery is the list. It is the crucial first move in getting your thoughts together and executing a plan. A list will not solve your problems, but it will get you started.

Here are a few staple lists that I have made for myself and for you. Click on the list of your choice to download a free PDF template. Print and then you're ready to go. 

Now go get your brain straightened out do some things.


Keep track of your daily doing (or to-do's) with this pocket sized notebook. Front and back artwork were created by me, and printed by the good folks at Scout Books. Interior is grid paper and there are 32 pages. Overall size measures 3.5" x 5".



I do not drink enough water. I think about drinking water. I sometimes go a surprisingly long time without drinking water. Since I have heard a crazy rumor that water is good for you, and after failed attempts to use reminders or just be a normal human being, I came up with a solution. 

Being the list-obsessed person that I am I have created a reusable static cling that can be applied to my glass. Over the course of the day as each cup is gulped down it's checked off using a trusty dry erase marker. The next day equals a reset, with a easily cleaned new starting list.

The cling is 2 1/2" wide and comes in a handy carrying case for the water drinker on-the-go. Purchase here.