Photography & Stuff by Erin Hanson



When two of my best friends announced their engagement I couldn't have been more thrilled. When they then asked if I would design their Save the Date I happily said yes... then panicked, because crap, what if I screwed it up. The finished product (whew, for a finished product) ended up as a postcard style flyer with a marquee design and "3-D" text incorporated in the poster cases. 


After creating a Save the Date for my friends Jessica & Gabe I once again ventured back into the world of weddings by creating their invitations. Despite another round of mild hand wringing the process was so much fun and I couldn't be happier with the results.

The suite of cards -- map, invitation, and RSVP -- were housed in a wrapper intended to mimic the look of a matchbook sleeve, going along with the "fire" theme (corny, to be true, but this is a wedding we're talking about). The postcard sized RSVP was stapled in and perforated allowing for release from the set and ease of mailing. The inside of the sleeve included directions from various points of origin.


Commissioned work for the super talented and the hardest working woman in the makeup biz -- Jacqueline Roberson.