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Not being afraid. Being quite the delving and multitalented fool, everyone always asks me, “How do you do it?! When do you sleep? Don’t you get tired of this? I would need so much motivation.” Symbiotically expressive, it’s simple and complex. Me: “I don’t know if I would rather be tired, or afraid to discover my lengths for fear that I might become tired. Aren’t you tired anyway? Also, you claim you would need motivation, but what if you were to lose yourself in your couch, or the grave being dug for your stagnant feet if you didn’t have motivation to escape it?” My prescription=Challenge, ambition, and discovery. Not being afraid to find my interests. Working and learning in the love I have for my found interests. Never a meal is bitter, and never an ache unaccounted for. At least I know why I’m tired.
-- Liztatic13
Be present in the moment and see artfully into what ever task is being done. The plate is clean, the counter is less clutter, the water feels delicious on my skin ... yay dishes are done. Stand tall, sway, jiggle, breath. Start doing something else before running under the covers again. Know the body wants movement.
-- Jade
Starting each day with one to-do
-- Pill Collins
Why do it later when I can do it now? I have other things I want to do later and I don’t want this to hold that up. Do more with less. You can snowball or you can build momentum, it’s just a matter of which direction you want to spin the momentum.
-- Amber
I don’t have a real prescription for doing...I sometimes feel completely unmotivated to “do”. When I’m told to “do” it makes me only “not do” for longer. The only thing that makes me “do” is to decide right then to do it...and then do it. Right then. No thinking. Just doing. Works every time.
-- Rianne
I write in my diary
-- Mikhaki
I think an essential thing is doing simple tasks: washing dishes, knitting, getting out of bed, showering. and then slowly moving forward onto the bigger ones. one step at a time, you know.
-- A
Buddha said (in a language more beautiful than English): ‘Where there is a Deed, no Doer can be found; where there is Suffering, no Sufferer can be found”. Life is not permanent don’t take it too seriously. Shoot, this doesn’t help the cause, right?
-- Fito
Really like this quote/tweet from Alain de Botton: Point isn’t to achieve everything, just to pay respects to one or two of the things one suspects oneself capable of. It gently inspires me!
-- Perry
Liking the Alain de Botton quote.

I wrote a little something for all of us recoverers here and out there:

Laziness probably points to a deeper problem,
Stop beating yourself up for it.
Self-esteem is important for fufillment, joy, and inner peace,
Work on it.
Perfectionism is a bitch,
Fuck it.
We are all humans,
Remember it.

Recovery is a slow and gradual process,
Enjoy it.
Competency, contribution and creativity are gratifying goals,
Aim for it.
The world can be such fun,
Discover it.
Doing is a habit,
Nurture it.

Hope this helps :]
-- Anonymous
I find throwing myself into situations I am not necessarily prepared for or comfortable with is one of the best attitudes I have adopted over the years. It might suck for a while, but I always find after I have grown and learned so much and often connect with so many new people in meaningful ways that these experiences push me on to do even more and find more love and respect for the complexity of life.
-- Hannah
Action comes first. I lack motivitation and find it really hard to get started. I suffer from Depression and know that Action itself in any form helps, even if its only doing something small like tidying my apartment. This often helps me to settle down to paint or take photos. Its really not easy and I dont want to appear as if I have it sussed. Most days are really really hard right now.
-- Rush
a vitamin d defficiancy can make you feel lazy... i started to feel super lazy and then got a check up an they told me i needed more vitamin d! try it!
-- Ralu