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I tried out for a reality show once (yep)

I have over 1,000 Pez dispensers 



RL is home to the things I do to keep myself from not doing, but I hope it's a place that will bring enjoyment to others, whether it's just for a laugh, or knowing you're not alone in recovery, or simply to see something that makes your eyes happy. 

If you have any questions, comments, tips on not being lazy, your personal favorite sources of inspiration that you would like to share, illustration needs, or just want to say “hi” please contact me via the wonderful world wide web.

Refill as often as needed. Expiration is nonexistent. Addiction is possible and side effects may include visual overload and overexposure to nostalgia.

I am nice and don’t bite.


Carpaccio Magazine, Issue 5
Bored?, Issue 2
Mankind Mag, July 2009
Slice Magazine
    Issue 6, 7, & 9
Romka, Issue 3
Uppercase Magazine
    Issue 3 & 8
Vida Simples, March 2010
Tell Mum Everything is OK
    Issue 4
IdN Magazine
    v17n6: The Minimalism Issue 
Carne Mag, Issue 10
Elle Girl, Sept 2011
Playing With Type by Lara McCormick




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Austin Chronicle Best of 2010, critic pick “Most Artful Motivator”
Centritis interview
Austin Eavesdropper interview
Houston Press interview

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