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Take Me to the Volcano

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This time last year I was traveling through Costa Rica and Nicaragua with a few friends. We started on the Caribbean coast of the former and ended up on the Pacific coast of the latter. There in the middle was La Fortuna where we stayed at the base of a volcano, an ACTIVE one (see the steady little poof streaming out as evidence).

By far this is the leg I was most looking forward to. I have had a longstanding fascination with volcanoes -- they are practically prehistoric and show nature's strength in a simultaneously bold and stoic way (um, and it's also how to destroy the ring that could rule us all). To be up close (ish) and personal with one was one of those bucket list things. Waking up to this mighty beast right at my back door, as brightly colored birds and a family of white-nosed coati scampered by is one of those visuals I won't soon forget. 


Hayley Eichenbaum

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There's something about Hayley Eichenbaum's photos that is very Tim Burton a la Edward Scissorhands meets the southwest. The colors and settings seem to defy reality and it's hard to imagine that such a pastel wonderland truly exists. She is yet another standout in what lately has been a never ending sea of awesome imagery on Instagram. That well does not run dry. Check out more of her work here.

Sophie Gamand

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Photo cred, posted with permission: Sophie Gamand

Photo cred, posted with permission: Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand, of Wet Dog fame, most recently launched a new series titled Flower Power. Through her photographs she raises awareness of pit bulls in need of adoption. She smartly adorns them with crowns of beautiful arrangements helping to soften their aggressive reputations, showcasing their natural sweetness.

In the past year I have become personally acquainted with the breed and am step-mom to a rescue. She has the best disposition -- is lovable, playful, wonderful with children, and cries when there are thunderstorms. I hate that they get such a bum wrap and that inhumane treatment only manages to fuel negative perceptions. They do not deserve to be collectively labeled as dangerous, and mistreated or disposable as a result. In truth the dachshunds living under the same roof, as cute as the short-legged little shits are, do a much better job unleashing terror. 

I encourage you to read more here (additional links below) and learn how you can help raise awareness.

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Dovetail Press

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Lately I have become obsessed with pairings, and not in that chocolate and peanut butter kind of way because that's always been an obsession, but in that this product has been designed to go with that product kind of way (how's that for vague). As a matter of fact last month we started our subscription to Turntable Kitchen -- coffee and a vinyl record delivered monthly to our home. This is what Sundays are made of.

Now I've found Dovetail Press, which offers a similar concept, albeit not in the form of a recurring shipment. They are a publisher that offers tailored items which correlate thematically to a book. You want to make nachos? Well, here's a cheese grater to help you get the job done. Fixin's for fixin's, and you don't even have to leave the house.

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

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I wouldn't call myself a pizza connoisseur. While my preferences are specific I'm pretty open to any version of that particular style. And I have a feeling I set the bar low. I have an immature palate. It has pepperoni, cheese, and crust -- I'm in. 

One thing I love about pizza, or pizza joints, is that it seems impossible to reach a point of saturation. At least from my perspective they could be on every block and the demand would be so great that everyone gets a piece of the pie (literally and figuratively), and how awesome is that, that everybody wins. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a "best of" list, and whoa, is Where to Get Pizza the ultimate -- exhaustive and diverse. I'm happy to know where the best is even if I'm content with subpar.

And because I have pizza on the brain: pizza art (sure, why not) and  pizza ATM (the future is NOW!).

Match Bloc

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Match Bloc is an Instagram account that offers a a stream of vintage matchbox covers. I have no idea what most of them say, but it's really about the designs anyway. With their simple type, bold colors, and clean graphics they are striking works of art (see what I did there). For some additional inspiration check out these Flickr accounts, and for a little history this post on their origins. 

Niall McDiarmid

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Niall McDiarmid is a photographer I found on Instagram and never fails to inspire a like. It's the portraits that I'm particularly drawn to. I at once marvel at the use of color and captured characters, and feel transported as if I'm standing in the very spot he is. I don't want to go there. I am there.

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Junior Lazyholic

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I can't predict how much content I will post geared towards the mini-humans. It's not something I feel like I will consciously work to incorporate, in part because who I am to pretend to be an expert or tastemaker having only racked up 6-weeks on the job. That said, this blog has always been a representation of who I am, what I like, and what I've been up to. So with that in mind it's almost certain that the occasional baby centric tidbit will appear.

An obvious entry are these t-shirts. I dress Edie up (mostly in my mind) with all kinds of adorable gear, and catalog my favorites on Pinterest (SO much kinder to the credit card). These however I may need to splurge on and hope she doesn't outgrow them too quickly. 


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Whether it's from your own childhood or something you saw in a movie these graphics by Circa78 are sure to take you back. I'm reminded of a favorite swimsuit that I had when I was eight that I loved so much it was either retired when I outgrew it or it became too threadbare to be considered decent (the memory is still too raw -- I've apparently blocked some of the details). 

I'm partial to their prints but their shop holds other delights, from coffee mugs, to beach towels, to tote bags, and so on.


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Image Cred: Dana Lenko

Image Cred: Dana Lenko

Aussie clothing designer, illustrator, exceptional human (a fact oddly missing from her bio), and pal Dana Lenko recently released a slew of new pins, adding to an existing menagerie of critter friends. Also known for her animal sweaters these miniatures make the perfect accessory to punctuate any outfit. I, no surprise, am partial to the dachshund (which I in fact proudly own), but I kind of want them all -- in particular that lobster, raccoon, and sloth.

Animals are selected through on-line competitions. You can build your own wildlife family via her shop, or connect / follow to get updates and offer input on her latest creations.

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Busy Bee

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It's been a while. In fact so long that I grew and birthed a human in the time that has passed. I am still getting used to what it means to be a mom, and the emotional and physical demands (and joys). But I'm also trying to fold in some pieces of my past to hopefully shape a future that contains all of my favorite things.

It's hard to believe it's been close to a year since I published a post. My consistency has admittedly been spotty for a while, but this is the longest I've gone without tending to my blog. While I wrote several drafts... in my mind (helpful, right), it's only now that I'm committing to something a little more public. After almost 10 years (!) of Recovering Lazyholic I can't seem to take a permanent vacation, even if no-one is listening. 

There was nothing that physically prevented me from visiting this space up until now; the last nine months passed with relative ease. I did however discover (or confirm) that my brain can only multi-task so much, juggle a maximum number of balls -- like work, doctors appointments, family illness, moving, and compulsive shopping on Amazon Prime. I now find myself with a workable patch of head space to spare. Call me optimistic, or delusional (or an accidental liar), but I aim to come around these parts more often. And I hope this is just one part of returning to making, doing, and resurrecting the recovery.

Kings and Queens of Collage

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EDITED: I've been an admirer of Eugenia Loli's collage work for a while now and in following her on Instagram have also been introduced to many of her talented counterparts, some of which I've included in the slide show (credits listed bottom left).

Her pieces especially captivate me, as does her story.  I always find it interesting when winding paths eventually lead to creative and beautiful work like this.