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hobby helper

Stick with me here for a minute... In the end it's ridiculous, BUT I also could be on to something. There are people that you can hire to walk your dog, organize your closet, choose your clothes, manage your finances, and so on. Basically a profession exists for every area of a person's life, to execute and take the worry, fear, and ineptitude away.

I'm not sure if I could ever pay for any of these services... but maybe if I had the money (I'm also stubborn so probably not). Certainly many, many other people are taking these folks up on their "skills" (ok, some really are skills) and half of television is based on the principal that people need other people to figure out their lives.

So... I thought, what if I became a hobby match maker. Having a hobby I think is extremely important, mainly because it's (usually) a healthy outlet. You're exercising your brain and sometimes your body. You're spending time with yourself or with others. Most times it's a nice diversion from your job. And then some can even evolve into a job they love, therefore ditching the drudgery of the other.

Some people, try as they might, actually can't put their finger on what would be fun to do, what that great outlet could be for them. That's where I would come in... e-harmony for hobbies. I get them started and then the love rolls. Why not.