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i'll have a side of pleaseeasaur with that burger

What a combination.... Neil Hamburger and Pleaseeasaur. I gotta say that I'm partial to the latter, a two man group (one on stage, the other behind the scenes) that combines props, several costume changes, song, and comedy into one. You have to see for yourself to truly understand how and why this marriage of ridiculousness really works. "Action City News", "Randy Normal Jeans", and "No Prob Limo" are particular favorites.

Mr. Hamburger is entertaining in his own right... a crotchety, "lounge act" with sorely out of fashion hair, harkening back to the 60's, with punchlines about as out of date. Be prepared to hear "why" about a 100 times and to be insulted. If you're lucky (or unlikely, depending on your tastes) he'll hurl a cocktail at you.

Check our their respective websites for more info and merchandise. Pleaseeasaur & Neil Hamburger

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