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yes! yes! yes!

A great way to spend 6 hours. Any doubts about Aqua Teen were quickly squashed before the actual movie even started. The concession punk band in the pre-opening sequence was perfectly bizarre. This movie also the boasts the best use of a Phil Collins song ever (beating out... ok, so the field is pretty thin). Speaking of thin... the plot, yeah pretty much... but who cares? The usual suspects all get screen time with some memorable dialogue to boot.

In an unintentional move to continue the underlying gore theme (see kittens in ATHF) Grindhouse followed. Enough near vomit inducing moments to last you the rest of the year... or a life time. No real departures here in styling from either director, but entertaining none-the-less. It's been a while since squirming has been so fun (don't think the beef sandwich I was eating during the film helped however). Watch out for golden moments from Kurt Russell, a kid's head, and goopy attempted rape. One note... could have done without the onslaught of Austin business name dropping Mr. Tarantino. Yes, you love Austin... got it.

To cap off the night, I rinsed the blood off as it were, and switched gears with the new Blonde Redhead album, "23". A nice antidote, with vocals like a wash of sweet sunlight on a landscape of percussion and guitar. It's hard to think of anything bad. I've always been a bit taken with these guys though, so my opinion is a bit slanted. Tracks 1 and 6 are particular favorites this go 'round. I'm instantly in my own swirling French montage, full with the feeling of first loves. A nice illusion and not a bad way to end the night.

Thanks Saturday night.