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top tees

Personally I can never have enough t-shirts. It's sort of a problem and I think I actually own more that I hate than I love, racking up a pretty impressive bin of losers that never get worn, but that I can't part with for some reason. Always on the quest to find a better, greater t-shirt (hence the crap pile in my closet)... one that will somehow complete me... I have recently stumbled upon threadless and have fallen in love.

Amid the cyber continent where a million t-shirt companies live is one that can actually boast and deliver some quality designs. There's no way to entirely avoid the "zany" one-line-zinger-wear or an image that borrowed heavily from some grunge-graphic site, BUT since these designs are made by tons of different folks via regular contests and submissions and YOU get to vote for the styles worthy of round 2 (getting printed), the odds are greater you'll find just what you need. Bonus, they are all printed on American Apparel, which are the softest shirts around. Yeah,

Dov Charney's a perv but oh well.