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where are the veggies buster?

I love lists. And I love found objects. This is the perfect marriage.

Milk Eggs Vodka grocery lists lost and found is a book by Bill Keaggy and is collection of funny, embarrassing, and confusing grocery lists.

Grouped by chapter, you'll find sections such as "You're So Vague", "Just Plain Funny", "Sad Grocery Lists", and "Badd Spellrs" to name a few. My favorite has got to be "Eating Wrong", I suppose because that's the one I can really relate to... "note the conspicuous absence of yucky things, like say, fruits and vegetables". Welcome to my world.

Comical quips and food facts are sprinkled throughout and you'll also be interested to see the variety of surfaces folks use to jot down their needs (see "Creative Recycling").

Now you might think twice about where you put that scrap of paper after you go to the store ... or you can pray to find a stranded one and get a good laugh (or insight into the bizarre).