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i only dress like a jailbird

I love repetition of shapes and lines, in particular stripes (less so, dots... but still a favorite). I can't trace back how long this love affair has been going on but in the last several years my affection has only grown stronger and presents itself in the things I take pictures of, acquire and wear. You would think a couple of striped items of clothing would cut it... think again. My eye always gravitates back to it. And while some things may seem strikingly similar at first glance, each article has its own "fingerprint" to me. This is one obsession I have no qualms about. I have some to a lot and want more and won't stop. Brother can you spare a dime... I mean something striped?

I spent the day in a stripe love fest and took a few pictures while I was at it. Stripes from the closet... I'm good at entertaining myself.