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hurts so good

I suppose I have only myself to blame, but with two sunscreen police on patrol at all times I was a bit shocked to find that at the end of ACL I was sporting one hell of a burn. It was hard to feel it coming too when you become so accustomed to the feeling of being baked in the sun (sunscreen or not). And while the fans-on-a-stick and gallons of water helped beat the heat nothing could salvage this palest of the pale girl's skin. If this is what I have to go through though so be it.

I'm only hoping that Blonde Redhead and the 20-ish other bands I saw did not help me get one step closer to skin cancer... if that's the case, well partner, I guess I might not buy any more of your albums. Crap, who am I kidding. What's done is done. I still love you... even you shitacular bands I had the honor of seeing. And really, it's not you, it's me. So while we may break up for a year, it's been great, and I look forward to hooking up again... burns and all.

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