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Last Saturday Austin fashion ladies-at-large, Team Fabrication, showed their latest designs at Mohawk. Made up by Jenifer Rea (Jen Rea Designs) and Erin Mikulenka (Elfgirl Designs), the gals and their models were backed and enlivened by a bevy of local musicians. The Laughing, Til We're Blue or Destroy, and Prom Nite all performed as well as Car Stereo Wars.

It was a great time, although a reminder of how sadly unsavy my wardrobe is... but also how much I don't care. I also scaled a nearby building that is under construction. "Scaled" is probably a bold choice of words, but wooden ladders from one story the next are, let's admit, pretty low-tech. At any rate when all is said and done I was blessed with some super views, a fun experience, and met some new folks... and topped it off with biscuits and gravy (and then some) courtesy of Star Seeds. Who needs a cherry when there is gravy.

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