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square america

More great vintage photography. The name of the site is Square America. Don't let the name fool you though. Although the images you will see are indeed predominantly square there are also some of the rectangle variety. Scandalous.

The website is a bit tough to navigate... nested menus and hard to find links, BUT the minor inconvenience is worth the major payoff. The curator of this collection has been scouting out these old images for years and from the sound of it has an impressive lot. This leaves plenty of opportunities to add new (er, old) material often.

I can't get enough of these old pictures. There is an undeniable draw that is hard for me to articulate. Found = curiosity, amusement, bewilderment. Vintage = nostalgia, dusky pastels, transformed color. Together they make me happy. Thanks mystery web person! Keep doing what you're doing.