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happy new year... let's get personal

(photo courtesy of Square America)

Resolutions, no thank you. I am however sometimes a fan of benchmarks and obvious transitions and what time is better for that than New Year's. 2007 was a shaky year that gave me one of the biggest beatings to my heart ever, but lived up to the wonderful cliché about opening and closing doors, birthing a better me. And all that crap about the things that don't kill you and getting stronger, well it's kind of true.

I carry with me that nothing is permanent and the delicacy of the unknown can go either way; years can fall apart, ideas can become undone, and failure is a part of life. In personal struggle there are always positive possibilities however, even in the most tragic garbage that can get shot your way.

Some truths from 2007 I cherish, that can not be challenged... pizza is always good, polaroids are awesome, friends don't let you down, and happiness is indeed a warm puppy. Here's hoping 2008 brings new surprises, continuing good times with my friends/family/dogs-extraordinaire, creativity, health, happiness, and the will, motivation, and luck to make it happen. The same wish extends to everyone.

The road to recovery ain't easy but it's getting better. Happy New Year everybody! And for those of you that helped turn my 2007 around, love you! Now eat some black eyed peas and watch a mind numbing tv marathon.