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5 from space

I saw this on one my favorite music sites, RCRD LBL, and was instantly mesmerized. Can't say I'm honestly all that familiar with the Jackson 5's body of work (aside from the early years that is), but their family activity and certain solo careers have certainly been a focus of the press in the last several decades. In other words I feel pretty confident in saying they're kinda a bunch of kooks. God bless them.

Inspirational anthem meets giant Jackson's meets early 80's sci-fi sounds meets possible foundation for present day Skittles ads meets disco Dali meets The Ring (before you die you see the Jacksons?), all rolled up into a mind boggling epic 6 1/2 minute video. I feel like embracing young and old alike, holding hands with black, white, brown, while proudly sporting peacock feathers. So yes, I CAN feel IT. And for some inexplicable reason I also feel like drinking a Pepsi or swimming with folks the from Cocoon.

P.S. I think there is a little foreshadowing with MJ's hair mishap.


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