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save polaroid

You know, the more I think about the demise of Polaroid film the more pissed off I get. Really? No more Polaroid? Now, I realize when you throw me in with the rest of the world I'm probably standing with the minority when you consider Polaroid vs. digital (or even still 35mm, but I'm sure that's on its way out too). But even if its not a mainstay, isn't quite as practical, and pales in comparison when you consider image quality, it's iconic. How can you ditch or outright dismiss it's pop culture status and deserved right to keep on keepin on?

I am glad at least that the business of going out of business is getting attention where this is concerned. ABC News covered the issue and you can see it here. The internet is also aflutter and sites like are calling for action. Go to their Flickr to see the instant film lover's personal pleas and favorite self-snap.

And PLEASE, PLEASE if you want to do your part to keep the (my) dream alive sign the petition. And if not for me, for The Muppets. Do you want to see the sparkle in those googly eyes go dark?