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the kids are alright

Actually they're pretty awesome. Went to see The Kids in the Hall at The Paramount last night, living out a teenage dream. I was addicted to and inspired by these "kids" all throughout High School. Now more like the "Young Adults in the Hall", their age barely shows (a little grey hair, an added pound or two) and in the time that has passed they have not lost their charm or their talent. Performances featured favorite characters (Chicken Lady, Kathie and Cathy, Headcrusher) and new material, none of it tired or overdone. Although Sizzler Sisters where were you?

I speak as a die-hard so I may be a bit biased, however listening to the roar of the sold out crowd I'm not alone, whatever the case may be. Good company, good laughs. If you've never seen them before I'll try not to judge too harshly. Redeem yourself quickly and go to the closest video store or check out You Tube for a tease.