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conserving resources

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

I am, and have always been, without a doubt a Polaroid junkie. And with that I have degrees of "junkitude". I definitely experience varying levels of how often I need my fix and just how it will be expressed, whether it's a binge or a dabble. Regardless, the depth of my passion for the medium never waivers and it's like an instant (no pun intended) dose of happiness.

Lately I have been going really nuts and in the wake of its impending demise I'm wondering if I should rethink my habits. I'm still devastated that Polaroid film is going away. Although I have several packets on stand by they are bound to run out quickly at the rate I'm going. Then it's back to Walgreens and Target, then on to ebay. Ration and allot one shot a week, or a pack for a certain event, praying that it was worth it and risk missing something potentially awesome? Or act like there is no tomorrow and throw caution to the wind? I know this pales in comparison to the real ails of the world, but I feel like this is a piece of my heart I'm gambling with. Yes, I recognize the drama queen weight of that statement (I have been watching a lot of daytime tv?).

One final note, sort of an aside I've been debating and seems relevant. Considering my current verbose condition it might be best to save this for a later date, but I've been feeling oh so conflicted about this... to crop or not to crop a polaroid. I feel like a truest but I'm also into the smaller square framing (like above). Does anyone care? Should I? Ugh, I feel like I need to go read a Time magazine or something now. Get down with the real troubles in life. A little dose of depression will do ya.