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what's been going on

(image by YaiJung Chang)

So... posts have been absent for sometime now. A major change occurred in my professional world and I am now without job. One half devastating and other half liberating, I'm clinging onto the latter, and trying to use my newfound free time as an opportunity. Easier said than done I'm finding. In a world without deadlines motivation can be hard and I have "fallen off the wagon"... or rather more appropriately (in newly coined lazyholic terminology) have "fallen ON the bed". My regular train of thought has been derailed and these "new world" ideas seem to stop in my head or as notepad chicken scratch.

A lot has been going in my mind... what now, what's worth doing, what am I capable of, and where do I start. Finally, out of nowhere, I'm feeling inspired. Maybe enough is enough. Either way it's time to put my free time to good use and carry out the potential of each day (as hokey as that sounds). I consider this my starting line to a new beginning. Life throws crap at you all the time and if this is the worst that happens to me (it actually hasn't been so far) then I certainly have no reason to keep wasting time. As of today I'm diving off the board; wish me luck. Clichés over with.