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in love with your viewfinder

(photos by Jesse Wright)

I don't even remember now how I accidentally re-happened upon his work, but I had seen it before on JPG and then again recently on flickr (which as you know are my two frequent photo destinations). Something about my second time around stopped me in my tracks.

I simply love everything about Jesse Wright's photography.... dancing lights, minimalism, geometry, beautiful colors, the use of polaroids. It's like I stepped into a magical world where only my favorites exist, like it's all for me. Yes (crushing reality) it's not, but I'll pretend while I spend hours pouring over his images in webland. I feel (humbly) like he is someone that shares with me the same sensibilities and favors similar subject matters... but does it a hell of a lot better. I'm looking forward to what comes next and what inspiration I can possibly find. ] ] ]