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this real person reads your blog

(illustration by Damien Weighill)

Blogspot brother Your Face has an interesting concept going. Send in a photograph of yourself and this chap will translate your likeness into a drawing... I would say most times with amazing results. Ok, maybe not AMAZING (that's a pretty strong word that should be saved for special occasions), but they're pretty damn awesome.

The narcissist in me has been awfully tempted to see what he can do with my face, but the part of me that dreads any images of myself is in disagreement with that idea. Maybe someday... we'll see. In the mean time I will be content with continuing to view the drawings that are not of me. For a look at all of the faces he's done so far you can go here (not sure how updated this is). Look for "half-beard", "3-D face" and "Spiderhead" (all names given by me).