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to wrap up or not

In a very horrifying moment I discovered today that the above shirt exists. Not intended to be ironic (would that make a difference?) and further confirming that fashion today is quickly headed towards a crisis of comical proportions, I'm coming closer and closer to deciding how I feel about the oft worn scarf (i.e. what keeps us poor 'ole Texans warm in 95 degree weather).

I actually generally tend to like scarves... in winter. I can also appreciate individual style. Lastly, I am not, nor would I ever, thumb by nose at the Keffiyeh club in order to somehow suggest that I am the most stylish of all (as I sit here in baggy stretch pajama pants). But something is just not right about this on-going movement and I'm suggesting it's time to move on. If the birth of accessories as silk screened "art" wasn't enough try this smoke signal on for size:

Now that I might actually like to see on a t-shirt.

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