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lets be friends

These two cameras of mine are a bit neglected. I just bought the Big Shot a few days ago, against my better judgment (it didn't cost very much though), so my excuse is I don't have any film on hand. I can live with that for now; I'm content with it as a decorative piece (um, randomly set on a table staring at me). The Yashica Mat is a different story. I have had it a bit longer, and while it also effectively doubles as a household accessory, I REALLY want to play with it. Too many cameras not enough time. Yes, that IS possible even when you're not employed.

I also have a novelty camera (imagine an elf with a giant moustache and a removable nose that serves as the lens... got that?) that I want to bust out. It requires 110 film, which I don't happen to have lying around. Weird, I know.