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list lust

As just mentioned I have many a list on standby. Some lists are repeats of lists; some lists are scratched off; some lists will go uncompleted and fade with the paper they're written on. I am, and have probably said before, a compulsive list maker. So even though I REALLY don't need a nifty (and cute) stamp to get this head of mine organized there's always a part of me that thinks "man, this just might be the ticket and I have discovered the tool that will finally set me straight".

OR... I will use it once or twice (very excitedly and enthusiastically I might add), then relegate it to some dusty desk cranny, and be back to writing on post-its and envelopes. And I'm back to square one, sloppy ocd girl with good intentions. I seem destined to only partially obsess over what to do, what I want to do, and what to think about wanting to do. I'm a mess.

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