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I am in a grouchy mood today... tired, hot, with a dash of worry and a slice of uncertainty thrown in. So my sourness has made me feel like spreading some bitterness; it's time to put a few words on notice (p.s. I love you Stephen Colbert).

Half the blogs I read use the same adjectives over and over. I include myself in the redundancy club. I get madlib-itus, my brain freezes, and I run to my go-to words. I'm not sure what everyone else's excuses are. Maybe there are only so many ways to say that you like something, and saying simply "it's good" doesn't work either. At any rate I'm going to try my best to explore the 'ole dictionary and see if there are some alternates out there I need to buddy up with. Everyone else, please at least send "lovely" on a little vacation.


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