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the fuccons

(link to YouTube)

My friend Gina introduced me to the fabulous world of The Fuccons, an insane Japanese program staring MANNEQUINS and created by someone that I can only imagine a) has done/does a lot of drugs, b) is an only child, therefore developed a knack for entertaining himself, c) took "we're going to build this dream together" by Starship to heart. Maybe the existence of this show is only new to me, and if that is the case I'm wondering how I missed it when I was in Japan, and why cruel world, why I did.

Mikey is a tragic but sweet little block of doe eyed wood. Mom and Dad are chipper, off their rocker, sometimes overtly sexual. Emily is a wishy-washy minx. And everyone else is deranged and/or cruel. I think my favorites are the twins; their bratty banter is impressive.

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