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prick comedy, the winner, & burger time

(l-r: Me, my prize, Ty Pearson)

Last night was another edition of Stool Pigeons at Coldtowne Theater, this time featuring the story telling of Ty Pearson/Trevor Middleton, front man of punk band The Yuppie Pricks. The improv troupe delivered mixed results, but they were given ample hilarious material to work with via the guest star's charismatic retelling of annoying seat hoarders, being a level 6 fan, and a self-institutionalized bar goer. There were definite high points (John Ratliff, Dave Buckman, and Rachel Madorsky specifically), with the show ending up on good note for me. I won a free cd by correctly answering some Schwarzenegger questions. I don't win anything often so it's not hard to relish the small victory.

With a change in scenery following, the evening carried on elsewhere, frosty beverages in hand and random conversations, one of which was discovering that Pearson and I share a mutual love for the 80's arcade game Burger Time. I am semi-obsessed with it and look for any opportunity to enthusiastically praise its glory, subsequently coming across as a complete loon and boring my friends to bits. So I needless to say was excited when given some fresh meat (ba-dum-dum). Someday I WILL have my burger party (BBQ,

Burger Time, and Hamburger the Motion Picture) and maybe then I will finally move on to some new material to fixate on.


Andy Warhol Eating Burger [ You Tube ]

Muppet Burger [ You Tube ]

Japanese Magic Burger [ You Tube ]

Neil Hamburger [ You Tube ]

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