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random knight

I went to see The Dark Knight today for the second time. I was actually a little late to the party having only just seen it for the first time a few days ago. The film blew my mind and then pieced it back together happier and more excited than it has been after a movie in, well, a long time. Surprise; I'm sure that hasn't already been mentioned by the masses, say a million times. So I also know that there is not a whole lot I can add that probably hasn't been said before. With that, I offer some random thoughts, not meant to enlighten, examine, or do much of anything, except at the most inspire you to say "hmm" or "huh".. or maybe even "duh".

Yeah, HIM. You know you've seen him before, in I don't know, say everything (Armageddon, Crash, Go, Black Hawk Down, Blades of Glory to name a few, and as a rapist on "As The World Turns" if you want to go way back). He's one of those off the radar kind of guys that has made a career out of being anything from the 2nd to 102nd fiddle. This time he managed to cameo his way into the first 5-10 minutes, puffing up with a shot gun. Does it count as a cameo if no-one really knows who you are? He's William Fichtner in case you want to join his fan club.

I am ashamed to even admit that I get confused over these two actor's identities. One of them is Anthony Michael Hall for Pete's sake. ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL... geek icon of the 80's turned scowling beefy TV guy. I should relinquish my self-appointed Miss Pop Culture Authority rights immediately. But come on! Just look at them. The guy on the left isn't even "that guy"; he's "which guy". How would you like to be the actor confused for Farmer Ted? "Hey you were SO KILLER in Johnny Be Good bro!". I think one of them should simply retire and make it easier on everyone. I propose a brow furrowing contest.

Now this might seem out of left field or highly debatable. I have zero musical knowledge and I when I say that I'm speaking directly about recognizing one note from the next or one instrument from another. I mean I can tell the difference between a piano, a guitar, and drums for example, but beyond the basics I'm hopeless. For some reason however, I have what I can best describe as a "weird ear". It's like an idiot savant type thing or my "special power". Or possibly it's total horse shit and the only thing weird about it is that I pick out parts of different songs/scores and match them to what I think are similar ones. In this case I bring you the score to The Shining. For real... the creepy droning race car on a chalk board in space kind of sound. Similar, no?

Listen to the first minute of Hans Zimmer:

Listen to the first 30 seconds: