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riding through the storm

Yesterday was the third annual Summer Extrav-o-ganza, a boat party on the lake put on by Austinist, Party Ends, and Green Potato Ventures (among others). Party barge... check, beer o'plenty... check, burgers... check, water noodles... check, sunshine... doh.

Yep, the weather did not quite cooperate. In fact I was having flashbacks to The Perfect Storm for a moment. Alright, so we weren't in the middle of the ocean, or deep sea fishing, and George Clooney was not there, but it was a little rough looking for a minute, plus I sometimes have a flair for over dramatizing.

Although the clouds never entirely passed the rain did subside which was a cue for the swimming, dancing, and music makin' to begin. In some ways the event was a little like opposite day when compared to last year's, or like a kinder, gentler version... a little less rowdy and few traces of sunburn. This should not be confused for less fun however. White Denim put on a great performance, the crowd was friendly, and the general vibe was relaxed. Mother Nature was foiled if she was trying to rain (sorry) on our parade.