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try some s

I think had way too much fun working on this. Eyelets are my new obsession, and I can't believe that statement just came out of my mouth. I was a little reluctant to cut up a Polaroid; something about it just seemed really wrong, but I ended up going for it. The teeny tiny vinyl letters were somewhat annoying and I felt like an old woman working in a sweat shop by the time I was done, but sometimes there is pain in pleasure. I'm not sure what you call the device but I was going for a children's book effect. You know... the circle that spins and through a window different words or pictures are revealed. This is part of my "Dear Me" series. I can take a whirl and try out an s. Yes, that's right. My day hinges on what the Polaroid prompts. OK, not really but the range in my actions truly is sometimes that limited.

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