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um... awkward

(link to Sexy People)

Never has a site deserved the "photo magic" label more than this. I know that web collections of tragically funny and accidentally campy pictures is nothing new, but it somehow never really gets old either. Maybe this all goes back to the statement I repeatedly make about myself, that somewhere along the way I have lost my soul. Oh, well, at least I'm laughing. And yes, I do accept my impending fate. The list is already long, and now I can probably add that I will be blessed with toothless cross-eyed offspring with bad hair wearing acid washed jeans.

The simple fact that the above picture was featured on a site called "Sexy People" makes this wrong. But really, what's worse/better is the photo itself. My mind and my tongue are completely tied and I'm not sure whether to laugh or cringe. So I'll just enthusiastically say "bah!". Sort of sums it up.

I strongly urge you to spend some time taking a look at the site. Depending on what side of memory lane you are on, you'll either cackle or cry.