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home sweet home

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

Here I am. It's been a long time. I have finally moved into my new place. Moving is probably one of the most painful processes on the planet. It felt much like much like I would imagine Groundhog Day to be, except with the added pleasure of heavy lifting and miscellaneous injuries. I carved out a nice path from the old place to the new one and I think my car will forever smell like cardboard boxes. In the end it was well worth it and really like Austin Home 13.2.

In this case the idea of things may be very real. The dogs have been enjoying their backyard, even though they have to jump circus-lion-style through a dog door made for a Great Dane, and are making friends with the neighbor dog. Speaking of neighbors, this is probably the first time I have had such friendly ones. It's refreshing. I also have more space than I could ever dream of, yet have still found plenty of reasons to put off organizing everything. Central air is a gift and I can't get enough of it; no more planting myself directly in front of a window unit only to be dripping sweat. I'm truly in love and can't wait until I'm 100% settled in.

So I haven't written in a while, at first due to moving and not having internet, but then due to feeling completely uninspired. I am most likely in full-blown lazy mode. T.V. is often my bad medicine in such a crisis but I don't have cable. So what's a girl to do. Well this is it:

1) Watch crappy TV on YouTube

2) Watch crappy movies on Hulu

3) Have strange dreams about vehicle registration and stolen kidneys

4) Wonder who is the father of Kelly's baby on the new 90210

5) Renew addictive and nerdy love affair with video games

6) Rent scratched DVDs from I Love Video

7) Participate in games that require no athleticism-- darts, pool, and bingo

8) Buy groceries for the first time in at least 6 months

9) Spend hours organizing one closet

10) Eat mozzarella balls in the middle of the night

11) Become obsessed with Pride and Prejudice

And that my friends is the sad state of the events of last week. I did not include, watch grass grow and go to the bathroom but those could probably be added. What I need to do now is make a list of all the things I should do, which undoubtedly will be 5 times as long and if completed about 100 times more interesting.

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