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storm worth

I'm sitting here watching live streaming video of Hurricane Ike coverage. I'm not sure why I'm so interested. Maybe it's the lack of T.V., without its channel changing options that cater to my ADD tendencies. So instead I'm glued to a different boob tube of sorts and am fascinated by what I'm seeing, sure that one of the featured newscasters is about to find an untimely death. I can only wonder what's in it for them, in order to willingly suffer through the ridiculousness of standing in the middle of a level 2 (or 3) storm. These guys are all in Galveston, time is at about midnight.

Bio: New guy, zero star power, and zero income. He's the one trying to prove himself so he can move up the ranks.

Thinking: I should have gone to med school.

Bio: Has been around a while, going no-where. Recognizable to avid Fox News viewers (not me). Married or dating a high ranking member of Fox Corp.

Thinking: This is sweet. These guys are funny. What am I reporting again?

Bio: Geraldo. Golden moustache, sensational journalism; this is star power. Cha-ching.

Thinking: I'm going to buy a moustache comb made of diamonds and gold when this is over. I love me. America loves me. I'm tired of things crashing into my head though; I never get used to that.

Geraldo is the one that truly amazes me. Again I'm watching this silent footage which seems to serve no purpose other than to show how much Fox is willing to spend on one guy and how crazy said guy is for being repeatedly pummeled by wind, water, and whatever is flying through the air. I expect him to float away any second.

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