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cups for joe

(photo by recovering lazyholic)

I have had an on-going addiction with the neon green heart exploding substance called Rock Star for some time now. I don't remember how it happened, the day it started, or why we have been together for so long. Everything about it has screamed "run away... faster". And with the speed of vitamin enriched caffeine coursing through my veins it seems like it would be easier than it's been.

It was not until the peppy anchor of the hard hitting local Channel 7 news came into my life that I finally had a breakthrough. Apparently the knowledge of 1 Rock Star equaling 14 Cokes was the disgusting straw that broke the camel's back. Not of course the shaky way I felt and the clear assault on my body. Not of course the rolling eyes and repulsed expressions from my friends. Not the shame that overcame me when looking at a graveyard of empty cans in my car. And not common sense. The bottom line is we have finally bit adieu... mostly (what will infrequent reunions harm) .

I am moving on to a full-fledged love affair with coffee. I have always had a fondness for coffee but never really committed to it or gave it a chance. It smells good, it tastes good, its adaptable and versatile. It also serves the number one purpose to put some pep in my step. Rock Star has mood swings, but coffee is what you see is what you get. It's good to me with no side effects. To solidify my resolution I decided it was time to get some new mugs. The two (three if you count the one with the broken off handle) mystery hand me downs were not a sufficient vessel to pour my new love into. Thankfully they are cheap. What a beautiful start to a yummy new relationship.