Recovering Lazyholic

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is blogging a form of laziness?

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(photo by Marcel Boshuizen)

Up until now I have considered blogging (specifically me writing on my blog) to be an activity, something that helps free me from the bonds of laziness. I'm wondering now if that is not the case, or if there are degrees of activity that elevate you to a higher and higher level of recovery. I say this because in the last week I have been too busy to post anything. Writing a blog takes a back seat when I seem to be living my life to the fullest (which I define as leaving my home).

A while back I briefly ran a series of Polaroids that ranked my level of laziness. I think I may have to get back to that and perhaps consider the opposite end of the spectrum... the degrees of recovery. And with that, to make it extra confusing and more nonsensical, the ranking should be opposite of what it was before. So 5 is the most active and 1 is the least.