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level 4 + blogging = smarty shots

Well speaking of the time I spend blogging, I guess it's appropriate timing to mention a new blog I started. I know... what the world needs now... and what I really need to be doing (don't judge). Thankfully this one won't be that time consuming. It's called Smarty Shots.

The very basic premise is that through my love of movies and screen shots (which is like taking pictures by cheating), coupled with injected morsels of wisdom-- either made up garbage by me or reflected in the film's scene or general plot-- I want to convey a brief message. So, one big picture and one phrase... like movie fortune cookies. Bam.

The hardest part was navigating my way through WordPress, which I feel was way more difficult and tedious than it should have been. I would have stuck to Blogger actually but I had paid for some stupid CSS upgrade and didn't want it to go to waste. After an arduous tussling with basic codes that any web developer would laugh at I finally have a finished product. I'm not sure how often I will update it. Like I said it's a simple format. I just have to mull through lots of DVD's to come up with material. And there you have it.