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mmm brains


Sunday marked my former alma mater, Alamo Drafthouse's, second annual Zombie Walk to commemorate the Dismember the Alamo Film Festival. The walk consisted of a few hundred (I am really bad at estimating crowds... but it was more than 50 for sure) folks dressed their Zombie best parading from Red River and 11th to the Capital. And when I say parade they were led by a marching band so that's a pretty accurate account.

This year there was no bus rocking or fountain swimming so Austin was not seeing red, but a few children probably peed their pants and were left with emotional scars, and a member of the Texas Highway patrol stopped the mob dead (ba dum dum) at the steps of the Capital, protecting innocent locals and tourists from the wrath of entertainment.

Road blocks notwithstanding, the zombies message rang through loud and clear. More brains, more brains, more brains. And Halloween is officially almost here.

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