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sick days: things i had


• Fever

• Aching

• Tight Chest (i.e. breathing too deep may result in sharp cry aloud)

• Headache (i.e. skull too small for something that wanted to smash out of head)

• Cold Sweats (i.e. wet t-shirt contest, water bed, and constant pasty sheen)

• Swollen Eyelid (Minature Eyeliditus -- eye appears to be on backwards when closed, opens halfway when trying to see, limited visibility; look less like "bedroom eye" more like street brawler or Sloth)

• Muscle Pain

• Eczema (hi gross hand; also known as "insult to injury")

• Hair that morphed into Russell Brand's

• Coughing

• Grouchiness

• The Blues

• Bizarre Dreams

• Television Overexposure

• Fear of a myriad of possible undetermined/upcoming diseases as suggested by multiple viewings of The Doctors (vulnerable state of mind + with slight hypochondria = why the hell not go with worst case scenario); Damn youThe Bachelor's Travis Stork

• Aging (sure, why not... one day in front of the other and there you go)


• Theraflu

• Excedrin

• Advil

• Herbal Tea

• Benadryl

• Nyquil

• Band-aids

• Chicken Noodle Soup

• Ice Cream

• Water

• My Boyfriend

• Good Friends

• Unicorns

• Eye of Newt

• Toe of Frog

• Dachshund Cuddling

• Wishful Thinking

• Shamrock Juice

• Snake Venom

• Barry Gibb's Chest Hair

Family Feud


-- I have to say that I have not been this miserable or sick in a very long time and I hated almost every second of it. The bright side is that I am deeply thankful for the health that I do have and very respectfully admire folks that bravely deal with much greater illnesses . And in all seriousness my silly bout with the flu (and random extras) was a nice wake up call in more ways than one.

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