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double o ya!

I think my puns are getting worse. Ok, I just had to say that... I am aware I have a problem. Anyway, as per usual the posting slows after an adventure. Now I am recovered from my recovery and here I am.

For Thanksgiving I went to Odessa with my boyfriend. In that trip I was awarded with many new experiences for which I am grateful. Not surprisingly I believe I was more enchanted with the visit than my boyfriend; hometowns work that way... been there, done that. I thank him though for being a great tour guide and his infinite patience in my frequent requests for photo opt stops. And of course it would not have been the same without his company. Last, I got to see my first drive-in movie (the new Bond film), something I have oddly been craving since I can remember (the drive-in, not the Bond film, to be clear). A satisfying holiday indeed.

The few Odessa photos that I posted can be seen here.

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