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getting lost

This is basically impossible to see here, but if you click on the booklet or follow this link you can see the full view. The photos are from a recent trip to Odessa and back to Austin. Just as on previous visits to the oil town I practically peed my pants in excitement from the frozen in time feel of the buildings and scenery. I'm not totally selfish however and I don't entirely rejoice at the seeming economical plight of the city. I'm pretty sure my giddy fascination and enthusiasm is lost on most locals.

After randomly cruising the streets before heading back to Austin, I managed to get lost on the way as I turned onto the lonesome Texas highways. I'd like to believe I have a good sense of direction, but that's often proven wrong. Getting lost is no problem. I like the surprises that I stumble upon and the sense that I have nowhere to be and am discovering something new. It became a different story once darkness presented itself and fatigue set in. But all the while I tried to keep in mind that worse things could happen:

Run out of gas

Hit a deer

Hit a herd of deer

Hit a herd of cattle

Get a ticket

Be kidnapped by a cult of horny toothless men with designs on acquiring a sex slave

So there is a silver lining within a silver lining. Final thoughts however... someone needs to step up efforts to invent the time machine, West Texas sunsets are beautiful, and I am convinced that I am the owner of the unluckiest pair of underwear in the world. I know that might be superstitious hooey, but their track record speaks for itself. The end.

Photos can also be seen on Flickr.