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i like surprises

So the other morning I wake up (and no, that's not the surprise) and go to check on my dogs. 99% of the time they are right by my side, which is adorable in a codependent kind of way. They have a dog door to go outside and usually I don't worry about them out there, unless they have been out for a while or there is a notable absence of "this is my turf" barking. This was the case that day. Lo and behold as soon as I get up I hear the whoosh of the dog door and see a little dachshund wearing a coat. At first I thought I was still dreaming or my mind had finally rotted into random hallucinations, but shortly after I got a text message from my neighbor asking if I liked Boo's outfit. Surprise! Mystery solved. Weird in a great way. And don't let the photo fool you, Boo couldn't be more content.