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lazy day

I don't know if it was the scream inducing nightmare I had in the middle of the night or the return of the swampesque warm weather that started my day off the wrong way, but whatever the reason I did not feel too motivated today. Unless you consider the following activities to be any example suggesting the contrary...

1) Eat leftover calzone

2) Watch Gossip Girl

3) Learn how to grow an orange tree on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

4) Take pictures of dog, Biggie

5) Drink a lot of milk

6) Drink iced St. John's Wort tea

7) Eat ice cream

8) Do crossword

9) Eat hummus and pita chips

10) Look at other people's photos on Flickr

11) Write to friends

12) Catch up on Google Reader feeds

13) Hit "refresh" a lot on any browser window open

14) Go to the bathroom

15) Check the mail

Yep, doesn't get much better. I think most of these "activities" qualify as lazy, gross, and/or lame.

[ photos by recovering lazyholic ]