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ode to mod podge

For a while now my friends and I have talked about getting together on a regular basis for a craft night. Well, it finally happened, with some ornament making as the first and most obvious theme.

Second to felt, I have to say that Mod Podge is the most glorious gift to the crafting/hobby world. I made an ornament using a Styrofoam ball, some fabric scraps, and Mod Podge. Not exactly sophisticated or complicated I think it turned out ok and I had a hell of a time making it (as well as the other ornament, which involved hours of gluing felt and a 100 sequins). I'm looking forward to my next project, that will most assuredly involve some kind of gluing and channeling of my inner 5 year old.

P.S. I finally put up my Christmas tree. It almost feels like Christmas. By the time it does I think it will have come and gone. Not sure what's up with my holiday radar.

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