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how to be an idiot

First I have to say that this photo does not exactly represent "how to be an idiot", but does represent a piece of the day that surrounds said idiocy.

After a day in bed from some crazy allergy fit I had serious cabin fever and needed to get out of the house this morning. I figured it was a good day for some picture taking with the fog having rolled in. I drove east, randomly picking a direction as I normally do, and ended up heading towards Bastrop. And here we go...

1) NEVER check an incoming text message while entering a highway ramp, especially when the ramp has a barrier, AND it's raining. You will bust up your car, get a flat tire, and get stuck in a town you don't want to be in unless you're taking pictures or maybe getting gas. And bonus, you get to spend a wad of money you can't really afford to lose.

2) Make sure you put your underwear on the right way. Yes, it's debatable if this has anything to do with going to Bastrop, but I'm choosing to blame my unfortunate day and subsequent flustered state on the fact that I did not realize that I put my underwear on backwards until hours later.

That's really all I got, but trust me there will be more. I managed to cut my chest with a comb the other day... and NO it was not due to grooming some sort of unsightly hairy issue (which I DO NOT have) but... nevermind, it's really not even worth getting into. It's just another example how sometimes I can be and idiot. Do the opposite of what I do and you'll be fine.

Oh, and see Slumdog Millionaire if you haven't already. That's how I ended my day on a good note.

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