Photography & Stuff by Erin Hanson


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The other day I was looking for something. At this point I don't even remember what that something was, but of course I could not find it... and in the process I found OTHER things I had been looking for, as well as items I have plain forgotten about. As is always the case when on such a mission this little exercise went on for hours. I ended up coming across some old photos, some of which date back to high school.

Most photos I took around this time period I lost years ago. Thinking I was being organized I put all of my negatives into one binder which made it that much easier to lose them all at once. But there are few prints here and there, in shoe boxes or scrapbooks. Surprisingly I still like some of these old photos, maybe even more than I did at the time. It could just be the nostalgia talking.

For more of what I have scanned so far go here. What I'm really excited about is the 4-5 rolls of undeveloped film I found. I really don't have a clue what "treasures" will be unearthed.