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My stuff. Their stuff. And nostalgic stuff. This is the blog of Erin Hanson -- Recovering Lazyholic.

productive laziness

Today I had to take one day off from the depression of job hunting, but will diligently resume tomorrow. In lieu of I...

• Took that (see above photo)

• Made this and can't seem to stop myself from continually contributing to what seems like an accidental project with Photoshop. Low expecations and no pressure equals why quit. It's a quick and painless outlet. Way better than those diaries ("journal" when I became older) I compulsively used to keep (think a near decade ago)

• Took down my christmas tree (better late than never)

• Diagnosed my on-going numb pinky, semi-numb ring finger problem on the internet

• Watched an hour of Smallville furthering the notion that age is just a number and making my real age a blurry concept

• WatchedThe Office

. There is less anticipation and glee as in years past however the story line featuring Hillary Swank's hotness brought back some of the spark. I feel bad for her. Speaking of spark, 30 Rock lately never fails to amuse. Janis Joplin eats cats and has backward knees. Yes! Liz Lemon tears her shirt off in a sign of true friendship... diabetes is caused by lying on your back... and something else that made me cry out in laughter but now strangely can't remember. Two definitive thumbs cranked up, way up (also a funny moment)

• Did laundry

• Worked on portfolio. Someday soon will hopefully have my website complete

• Finally fixed the broken out light fixture on my porch

• Ingested my weekly required portion of pepperoni. The delivery guy made sure to give me some ranch because "he knows how girls love their ranch". For the record I don't

• Jotted down some project plans

• Wrote this and something else probably later

• Ran a marathon. Ok, that one's a lie