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As just recently mentioned, I have been doing a little sightseeing lately. Yesterday when I was near Lockhart I saw a sign pointing towards a town called Stairtown. For some reason the name of this place swiftly drew me in and I thought it was a good excuse to quickly change direction. I went down a side road to a side road and after passing an out-of-nowhere forest of oil pumps I hit what is best described as five inhabited houses and four abandoned houses. True to my nature I succumbed to the allure of a seemingly failed economy and the mysterious state of paralyzed structures. After some snooping I left with these thoughts:

1) Why do people sometimes leave everything IN their home when they leave their home? The outside of the homes read "disaster" but the things left in and around them said "we were abducted by aliens with no warning". I am fascinated to no end with this phenomena.

2) Who can possibly live next to an oil pump EVER? The smell was one of the most disgusting scents ever to shake hands with my nose and definitely overstayed its welcome, even hours after leaving its origins.

3) People can be disgusting. I firmly believe that half of the discarded items of the world are living on the hidden streets and fields of rural America.

4) I am afraid of black trash bags full of the unknown. After seeing probably one too many horror movies I'm convinced that body parts live in these scary guys.

5) I get the heebeegeebees ways too easily. My body locks up and gets all prickly any time I start poking around deserted places. I fear any minute that someone will jump out and accost me.

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