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free tony

Coincidence is a weird a thing. I have been scanning some old photographs lately. Just around that time I read a post on the Day-Lab blog about the Tiger Truck Stop on I-10 in Louisiana. Oddly enough one of the photos I rediscovered was of that very place. It was probably almost 8 years back which is how long the tiger has been there (if not longer).

To backtrack a bit... the Tiger Truck Stop is home to a lone tiger, and he lives in a cage on the property of said truck stop. It's a tourist attraction to be sure... it lured me in. Fascination aside it's also really sad and a bit heart wrenching. Who knows what kind of care he gets but regardless living in such solitude in a tiny cage seems unjust and definitely not the quality of life such a majestic wild animal should have.

Hearing that this fella was still captive made my stomach turn. I am however glad that there is a movement underway to try to free Tony. I encourage everyone to sign the petition as well as read up on other ways to help on Big Cat Rescue's site.